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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A unique way to celebrate Children's day!

All I remember about Children's day is candies and day off for the school!
Sevalaya has started a unique tradition of celebrating Children's day - Sevalay's children GIVE on that day instead of the usual tradition of children receiving!

Every year Sevalaya's children go to the nearby Thiruvallur General hospital, paediatric ward and our home children carry cookies, sweets and fruits for the ill children. Our children also give an half an hour program of Indian rural dance (Kollattam, Karagattam etc.), a skit and they also tell few jokes - all inside the hospital, near their beds. Every year the children in the hospital and Sevalaya children jointly enjoy this program.

This year also, Sevalaya went to Thiruvallur General Hospital at 11 A.M.; Tamil Film Director Vasanth accompanied them a chief guest this year.

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